Cllr. Lynne Parsons

Cllr. Lynne Parsons

B.Ed., M.Ed., NPQH

"I want to go on record as endorsing Sean Woodcock as the prospective Labour parliamentary candidate in the next General Election.

Sean has been an effective council group leader and has provided forensic opposition to the majority Party on the council and now a minority led council.

Sean’s knowledge and understanding of housing and other associated issues means that he is able to provide leadership and direction to other members of the group.

He provides supportive challenge and is an excellent role model of hard work and perseverance. An example for others to emulate."

Laetisia Carter
Elected District and Town councillor. Elected for 8years representing Chipping Norton, PCC candidate for two consecutive years and PPC for West Oxfordshire Constituency.

Laetisia Carter

"Sean Woodcock's years of commitment to public service make him an excellent candidate for the PPC election. He is incredibly hard working, tenacious and in touch with the issues locally that need addressing for our community. I have worked alongside Sean locally and experienced his passion for both Labour and Co-op values."

John Christie, Oxfordshire County Councillor for Banbury Ruscote
Chair of Banbury CLP December 2020 to June 2022, Oxfordshire County Councillor for Banbury Ruscote, Deputy Leader of Oxfordshire County Labour Group 2013 to 2017, Member from North Oxfordshire Villages Branch

John Christie

"I've known Sean for 12 years and know he would make an excellent MP for his home constituency.

He has proven track record of successfully leading and growing the labour opposition on Cherwell District Councill providing effective opposition and getting the Conservative led Council to adopt progressive social justice policies.

He has served his Council constituents well and has continued to be re-elected with increased majorities.

As candidate for Banbury in 2015 & 2017 he ran great campaigns increasing Labour’s vote share from 21% in 2015 to 34% in 2017.

Sean is a housing expert and will bring special experience & expertise to parliament on this crucial issue facing the country.

Sean has the right intellectual, personal, professional and political skills to win Banbury for Labour and make a special contribution to Parliament. He is also the most honest politician I have ever known. A man of the highest integrity."

Rob and Edwina Lawrence

Rob and Edwina Lawrence

"We first had contact with  Sean as the Labour PPC for Banbury & Bicester when we moved to North Oxfordshire 10 years, ago about an issue that was important to us.

Right from the start we said "he's one of the good guys, he'd make a great MP".

Sean has led the Cherwell District Council Labour group skilfully through some difficult times with integrity, commitment and passion.

As someone who knows the area well, he will serve the whole of the new constituency, towns and villages alike, with unswerving dedication and professionalism."

Paula Protherough, Branch Secretary, North Oxfordshire Villages Labour Party
Branch Secretary, North Oxfordshire Villages Labour Party

Paula Protherough

"I endorse Sean Woodcock as parliamentary candidate for the Banbury and Chipping Norton constituency of the Labour Party."

Rosa Bolger, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Witney & Chipping Norton, General Election 2019, former Leader of Witney Town Council
Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Witney & Chipping Norton, General Election 2019, former Leader of Witney Town Council

Rosa Bolger

"Sean has the experience we need to win Banbury from the Tories. He is a fine co-operator with a passion for improving peoples lives through decent housing for all, a functioning NHS for when we need it, a cleaner, greener planet and crucially, repairing the cost of living crisis caused by years of tory rule.

Sean can only beat the Tories and help us win a Labour Government if you give him your vote and select him to represent Labour in Banbury, Chipping Norton and the villages."

Mark Cherry, Town, District and County Councillor for Banbury Ruscote
Town, District and County Councillor for Banbury Ruscote

Mark Cherry

"I have known Sean Woodcock for many years; like me he is  born and bred in the Constituency.

Sean is a seasoned election campaigner with a winning track record who understands local issues.

I strongly feel Sean Woodcock would be best placed as Banbury constituency Labour MP to fight for his constituents including the the Horton General hospital.

That’s why I’ll be voting for Sean."

Cllr. Rebecca Clarke MBE
Newly elected District Councillor for Banbury Cross & Neithrop Ward

Cllr. Rebecca Clarke MBE

"I wish to unequivocally endorse Councillor Sean Woodcock as our prospective candidate to stand for the Labour Party in Banbury in the 2024 general election. His experience as Leader of the Labour Council and his tenacity, attention to detail and gravitas as a leader will stand him in good stead as our best choice in winning the seat from the Tories.

In view of his special qualities I thoroughly endorse him."

Chris Worrall, Executive Committee, Labour Housing Group
Executive Committee, Labour Housing Group

Chris Worrall

"I am endorsing Sean Woodcock for Banbury, Chipping Norton and the North Oxfordshire Villages for his strong record fighting for a more fair and just society. Sean's commitment to improving housing conditions and providing opportunity for his community has been exemplary. He has lived and breathed fighting against housing injustice in difficult times and for these reasons I believe he would make an excellent Labour MP."