Sean Woodcock

I’m a local councillor and Leader of the District Council Labour group who is Banbury born and bred.
For years, I’ve knocked on thousands of doors across Banbury. The message from people is clear; we need a Labour government to build a better Banbury.

A bit more about me

I was born at the Horton Hospital, the eldest of five, and went to Wroxton and then the Warriner schools. My Mum is a carer while my Dad has run a local business for 40 years. After attending university in Reading and then Birmingham, I got a job working in housing and regeneration in Oxford.

I joined the Labour Party in 2007 and I am still proud of a government that tried to protect ordinary people from the impact of a financial crisis caused by bankers.

Since that government left office in 2010, I’ve witnessed everything get worse; from people’s standards of living, to public services and Brexit. Particularly as a councillor, the impact of cuts in local government finance have left our roads covered in potholes, support services stretched to breaking point and a lack of infrastructure to support new development.

Despite the challenges, as District Council Labour group Leader I’ve fought to make life better for residents in Cherwell despite the council being controlled by the Conservatives.

Our council was the first Tory-led one to adopt the Co-operative Party motion on Modern Slavery in 2018 when I proposed it. We got a Climate Emergency Motion passed in 2019. And we provided the ideas which Cherwell adopted for tackling the cost of living crisis in 2022.

Having knocked on thousands of doors in Banbury and beyond, I know that Labour can win; but only by talking to as many voters as possible. Nothing beats getting out on the doorstep and that’s where you will find me as candidate.

And with over a decade of experience in the Oxfordshire housing sector, I know that to win we need to provide answers to the housing crisis. As Labour candidate, I would push for the next Labour government to build more homes, at genuinely affordable rates and to provide a welfare system that supports people instead of punishing them.

When I’m not canvassing, I can be found jogging round my ward, spending time with my nieces and nephews or watching sport like football and rugby including Banbury United and Banbury Bulls.

Banbury deserves a Labour MP and as a local lad, nothing would make me prouder than to have that chance to serve.

Outside the day job...